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Carol Berning

Carol Berning

Lascassas, Tn


I'm thrilled to announce that Gazing has been juried into the 2014 6" Squared Exhibition and sale!

As a toddler, I sat underneath quilts in large frames as my mother, grandmothers, and their friends created delicate, feathery patterns with their stitches. Gazing up at the “stained glass” fabric, I watched them push their tiny quilting needles through the layers of muslin, cottony batting, and colorful squares. That is my earliest memory of beautiful art.

Following their lead, I grew up sewing and quilting, and many years later, I began to explore drawing and painting, studying under the guidance of Susan Truex.

I enjoy painting images of people and things that are important to me, whether it’s a still life of eggs or rusty heaps, portraits of family and friends, or landscapes of lush fields or dark alley ways. I am fascinated by how light and shadow create form, bringing a one-dimensional image on canvas to life.

In addition to studying with Susan Truex, I have also participated in workshop studies with Pat Thompson, Brett Weaver, Roger Dale Brown, Richard Greathouse, and Max Ginsburg.
I am a member of the Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America, American Women Artists, Women Painters of the Southeast, and Murfreesboro Art League.

Honors, Awards, Juried Exhibitions, Publications:

*Official Portrait, Judge J.S. “Steve” Daniel, Rutherford County Judicial Building
*People’s Choice Award, “Cinnamon Queens,” Women Painters of the Southeast, 2013
*Juried, “Clover Crown,” Women Painters of the Southeast, 2014
*20th Annual Art Studio Tour, Stones River Craft Association
*Murfreesboro Magazine, April 2014
*The Art of the Portrait Tuition Scholarship, Portrait Society of America, 2014
*FASO Daily Art Show Staff Pick, “Carl’s Pond, Frozen,” 2014
*Best in Show, “Clover Crown,” Stones River Survey, 2014


African Violet by Carol Berning


Eggs Feathers and Glass by Carol Berning


Floral With Knives by Carol Berning


Backyard by Carol Berning


Keith by Carol Berning


Australian Shepherd by Carol Berning


Judge J.S. Daniel by Carol Berning


Midnight Santa by Carol Berning


Tennessee Iris Two by Carol Berning


Wisteria by Carol Berning


Laying Off Rows by Carol Berning


Dump Truck by Carol Berning


Skipping Stones by Carol Berning


Self Portrait Then by Carol Berning


And Giving a Wink by Carol Berning


Summer Bouquet by Carol Berning


Deck the Halls by Carol Berning


Sunshine and Shadows by Carol Berning


Gumbo by Carol Berning


Plein Air with Palette Knives by Carol Berning


Persimmon in Plein Air by Carol Berning


Tennessee Iris by Carol Berning


Old Fort Park by Carol Berning


Cypress Lane by Carol Berning


Cannonsburgh Geese by Carol Berning